Press Conference Jakarta Ban Achilles Mercedes Series 2012

April 30, 2012
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There are so many car enthusiasts Mercedes-Benz community brand among the young and the young executives, stimulate and give ‘birth’ to the idea of Jakarta Ban Motorsport, who took the tire manufacturer PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk. as Achilles brand of car tires, to facilitate such enthusiasm into an event based on automotive ‘fanaticism of a brand’ (one make-race). The event is titled “Jakarta Ban Achilles Mercedes Series 2012”.

The main purpose of this event are: (1) facilitate the interests and talents of the novice driver, (2) facilitate the regeneration of new riders to take part and their achievements to contribute positive image of the automotive world for our country, and (3) hold a positive activity in established soul / spirit and sportiv of competitive high among young people, especially the automotive enthusiasts.

The tag-line this event, “Bring Your Helmet and Race with Us”, reflected the concept of organizing by different shade, interesting, and unique. Jakarta Ban Motorsport as an organizer, with support from a number of leading manufacturers of automotive products, has prepared a full-specification car racing. The drivers who will participate in this event carries enough pride in their helmets in the arena, next to feel the sensation of a real race with an estimated record time of less than 2 (two) minutes or more or less around 112 seconds.

The event is using the Mercedes-Benz type W202, planned to be held within six (6) series which are: Series I on 28-29 April 2012, Series II on 26-27 May 2012, Series III at 23-24 June 2012, Series IV on 1-2 September 2012, Series V on 20-21 October 2012, and Series VI on 15-16 December 2012. Whole series of activities held at Sentul International Circuit, Bogor – West Java.

“It is a pride for Achilles to cooperate with Jakarta Ban in organizing this event. The reason is in this championship can be seen that the sport motorsport is not limited by a younger age. And once again Achilles has been trusted tires that are always able to support the performance of the racer. ” said Uthan Sadikin, director of PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk.