Press Conference Achilles Formula Drift Malaysia 2012

May 16, 2012
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First started in Japan, drifting has grown rapidly and continues to attract more people. Its popularity has strected well over into the Western hemisphere. A group of strong and competitive drifters from around the world gather annually to show their capabilities and to compete over the ‘Drift King’ title.

After three succesful drift event in 2011, Achilles Formula Drift Asian Series will continue to be held in 4 countries this year. In association with ESPN STAR Sports Event Management and Driftpac, Achilles Radial proudly presents Achilles Formula Drift Asian Series 2012; Malaysia (May 2012), Singapore (June 2012), Thailand (November 2012), and Indonesia (December 2012). The first series will be held in Speed City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event is promised to fascinate drifter fans by presenting top notch drivers from around Asia.

As the main sponsor, Achilles will deliver world class drifters such as;

  1. Achilles Drift Team, Daigo Saito (1st place champion in all Achilles Formula Drift Asian Series 2011, 3rd Place Formula Drift USA 2012 Round 1 and 2, 1st place Champion of D1 series 2012) and Robbie Nishida from Japan;
  2. Achilles Drift Team, M. Rulli Armando (Runner Up Achilles Formula Drift Indonesia 2011) and Dika C.H. from Indonesia;
  3. WSA Drift Team, E. Adwitya Amandio (Top 16 Formula Drift USA 2012 Round 1) from Indonesia;
  4. Achilles Forged Racing, Ser Ming Hui from Malaysia;
  5. Achilles BZR Drift Team, Muhammad Zaiham Hamdan from Malaysia.

Edward Mamahit, Head of Global Marketing PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, TBk said “We are proud that this is our second year presenting Achilles Formula Drift Asian Series 2012 in association with ESPN and Driftpac. After successfully holding similar event last year, it is our honor to be able to present such a prestigious competition, especially for automotive fans. This will be the Automotive event to watch in 2012”

Marcus Lim, CEO of Driftpac added, “In this competition in 2012, we will show something different. For the first time, there is new regulation about 3 drifters tandem for the first of the series in Malaysia.”

This year, Achilles Formula Drift Malaysia 2012 will be held in Speed City, Kuala Lumpur, which is a new location. It is hoped to bring more challenges for the drifters to go sideways over the hot asphalt. “We are proud that Achilles Formula Drift Asian Series is back in 2012. New track layout in Speed City promises spectacular action from reputable drifters from all over Asia,” said Harvey Davis, Vice President ESPN Management Group, ESPN STAR Sports.

Aside from being recognized internationally, Achilles has also proven itself to be very involved domestically. Events such as Achilles Drift Battle 2012 first series was held last April in Makassar were a success. Continuing with automotive event, Achilles Motorsport Festival, which has been categorized as a large-scale automotive event, will commence this June. Achilles Motorsport Festival which will be held in the Sentul Circuit comprises of various motorbike and car race, automotive shows and exhibitions that will satisfy just about everyone; petrol-head, speed lover or even families who wish to spend their weekends looking at fast fancy rides.