Michelin Indonesia Planting Trees 10K Footsteps for the Environment

September 2022

In September 2022, Multistrada as part of Michelin Indonesia took part in the sustainability act of reforestation in Indonesia by planting 2000 trees in Karawang and Bandung, West Java. In this activity, we collaborated with the reforestation platform Lindungi Hutan and local farming communities managing conservation areas.

Michelin employees, as One Michelin Indonesia: PT. Michelin Indonesia, PT. Synthetic Rubber Indonesia, PT. Royal Lestari Utama and PT. Multistrada actively involved in this initiative. Employees with most contribution to the 10K Footsteps Challenge we had in July – August were invited to plant trees in Karawang and in Bandung.

Both tree planting sites, Karawang and Bandung, has its own perks; in Karawang we brought the team to experience planting mangrove trees at the shoreline, they also required to wear protection outfit for their safety before going in the water. At Bandung site, the team had to trek 1km away on foot into the Malabar Mountain to reach the planting site where they planted trees mainly fruits like avocados.

Fedback from our employees is very positive, they are all very proud to take part in realizing the company’s sustainability vision and this surely enhance the sense of belonging to the company. When asked who we are, no matter what company we came from in Indonesia, we can proudly say.. We are Michelin!


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