Safety Riding 2024

March 2024

Multistrada collaborating with all Michelin sites in Indonesia creating Safety Riding Campaign at 3 locations of high school, Cikarang, Depok and Cilegon.

This campaign not only gathering a collaboration of volunteers from all sites, to educate the importance of safety in riding motorcycle, but the audience of this campaign is mostly women!

In Indonesia, we often seen online news that women are prone to have accidents on the road. This happens because they tend to have lack of knowledge in riding motorcycle properly, unaware of traffic signs, not being fully alert of their surroundings, and poor vehicle maintenance.

One stereotyping remark that many times heard is women with motorcycle often make a left sign but turns right, or vice versa. It is dangerous for all road users and many leads to accidents.

In this Women's Day month, Michelin Indonesia dedicate Safety Riding campaign for Women to help change the image of women riding the motorcycle are dangerous, by educating women especially young mothers and young adult students on: How to ride the motorcycle in the right way, the importance of being safe on the road by wearing proper safety gear like helmet, safe riding the motorcycle for students before they can apply their motorcycle license in aligning with government regulation and how to maintain the tires for safer and more efficient usage. 

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