Multistrada Optimistic To Be Better in 2016

June 25, 2016
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Jakarta – “In 2016, Multistrada aims 10-15% increase in revenue which is supported by the sales growth in the export market . The export is the highest sales contributors which is counted 70% from total company sales,” said Pieter Tanuri as the President Director of PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk at the public exposure held last Friday on June 24 in Jakarta.

At this moment Multistrada has the capability of producing 28.500 car tires per day and 16.000 motorcycle tires per day. To reach the growth sales target, this year the company has maximized its capital expenditure around 30 million USD which is financed by credit loan of Export Credit Agency or ECA to adjust the company’s production capacity with the targeted market through debottlenekcing project. This project will later increase the production capacity into 32.000 car tires per day and 18.000 motorcycle tires per day.


To this day, the company’s tire sales is still domintaed by export sales around 70% due to the fact that the export market shows a big potential wheareas the domestic sales gives around 30%. Apart from hoping a recovery in Europeran market, the company is targeting the US market as a potential export destination. This is proven by the sales increase in the US in the amount of 58% in 2015 compared to 2014.

“We’re planning to penetrate the US market by establishing a representative office to deeply understand the market condition so that number of sales will rise further in the US market,” added Pieter Tanuri.

The aforementioned strategy is only one of three of the company’s strategy. The company’s first strategy is to make effective of the supply chain in potential regions such as United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and Middle East. The second strategy is to adjust the products for each targeted regions. Third strategy is to put efficiency in raw materials.


“We even have a coperation with the French football club, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as the Official Global Tire Partner. We’re hoping that PSG will be helpful global brand to Achilles and Corsa’s penetration in the global market,” said Pieter Tanuri.

 Mulsitrada is currently active in supporting sports events which is adjacent to the company’s target and that is the dynamic youngsters. This is done by sponsoring renowned football clubs in the country such as Bali United, Persib Bandung, Arema Cronus, and Persija.


In the automotive events, the company has been sponsoring the young national drifter, Amandio, to participate in international series events such as King of Drift in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is proven that Achilles brand is lose to the drifting event due to the consistency of supporting several race teams and drift championships both national and International.

For the two wheels event, Corsa is also active in sponsoring several race events such as road race and motor cross and gain relationship with communities in various regions. “this is to prove that both our products, Achilles and Corsa is reliable and have the best quality,” added Uthan Sadikin as the Director of PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk.


Company Performance in 2015

During 2015, the sales volume of motorcycle tires (Motor Cycle/MC) has grown from 3% to 3,3% million tires compared to the year before in the amount of 3,2 million tires. This increase is a good contribution both from export sales and local sales.

On the other hand, car tires (Passenger Car/PCR) volume sales has had a volume decrease of 12% compared to the year before from 7,7 milllion tires to 6,8 million tires, where the domestic and export sales were both dropping in amout of 5% and 14%.

The company’s consolidated net sales value in 2015 was recorded 237 million USD, weakened 16% compared to the year before that recorded 282 million USD. The decrease of sales was due to several factors such as the 5% decrease of local and 14% decrease of export PCR sales volume, the decrease of global sales price, and the weakening currency of Rupiah towards US Dollar which resulted in country’s drop of sales.

“The year 2015 was undoubtedly a year full of challenges for Multistrada. We believe that 2016 will be a great start for the company’s continous growth as one of the biggest national tire manufacturer in Indonesia,” said Pieter Tanuri.

Brief Information regarding PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk (MASA) 

PT Multitrada Arah Sarana, TBK (BEI: MASA) is one of the biggest national-made tires issuer in Indonesia. The superior products of the company is Achilles for cars (Passenger Car/ PCR) and Corsa for motorcycles (Motor Cycle/ MC). At this moment , the company has a production capacity over 10 million units per year for PCR and 6 million units per year for MC. These two brands are produced in a 55 hectares factory, one of the biggest factory in Indonesia. In 2016, the company aims to increase a 10-15% revenue by adjusting the production capacity through debottlenecking project.

Now, around 70% of PCR is exported to more than 90 countries whereas 30% of them are allocated to local markets. As for motorcycle tires, they are almost all allocated in the local market.

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