Multistrada Community College

Human capital has been one of the most important part in the survival of a company. PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk (MASA) realizes that human capital is the most valuable investment and most solid foundation for the continuity of the company. Therefore, MASA under the Learning & Development Department conducts the strategies in order to develop human capital working in MASA through Multistrada Community College (as known as Akademi Komunitas Multistrada) and Multistrada Corporate University (MCU).

Multistrada Community College (MCC) is part of PT MASA, which is one of Indonesia’s national tire manufacturer, that has exported its products to more than 90 countries throughout the world. Established under Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, MCC focuses on the establishment of vocational education for Diploma I (D-1). The current study program is Tire Manufacturing Engineering with five concentrations: Compounding, Semi Manufacturing, Tire Building, Curing and Finishing. In the near future, MCC will open new study programs such as Tire Engineering Services and Tire Sales & Marketing at the operator level.

The establishment of MCC as one of the company’s strategy to support the growth of MASA, in order to guarantee the quality of human resources that works in PT MASA. By this program, we expect the competence of prospective operators who will work in MASA can be standardized in accordance with the competence of operators in a multinational company.

Furthermore, MASA provides a variety of training programs for the employees that are integrated with the Company’s needs through Multistrada Corporate University (MCU). The main objective of the MCU establishment is to improve the competence of human resources in MASA which includes general competence, managerial competence, technical competence and other competencies that support the formation of qualified human resources.

MCU is here to involve human resources in training programs aligned with employee’s competence matrix mapping. Each employee is required to follow the training program for at least 35 hours per year (5 man-days). In addition to build a Learning Culture, MCU program is designed to develop the talents of MASA and individual employees further and give impact to the employees’ career.

Supported by professional trainers and good networking, locally and internationally, AKM and MCU are committed to develop the potential of human resources for optimal performance and results for the MASA advancement.

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