“Mudik” Together With Achilles and Corsa 2012

August 17, 2012
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In celebrating the holiday of Idul Fitri 1433H, MASA again hosted the event mudik together for all distributors and store owners in Jakarta that took place at Wisma Achilles on August 17th, 2012. There were around 654 people who participated and received free bus transportation with the total of 12 buses to different cities on the island of Java which will be divided into 3 trip lines:

Bus 1-3 through the South Line – Java, including: Jakarta-Bandung-Tasikmalaya-Ciamis-Purwokerto-Wonosobo.
Bus 4-8 through the South Line – Java, including: Jakarta-Bandung-Tasikmalaya-Ciamis-Purworejo-Magelang-Yogya-Solo.
Bus 9-12 through North Line – Java, including: Jakarta-Indramayu-Cirebon-Tegal-Pekalongan-Semarang-Kudus-Tuban-Surabaya.

These sponsorship activities such as giving free bus and plane tickets is done by MASA as an obligation of care and feeling of togetherness for our partner stakeholders, who were celebrating the Lebaran Holiday.

There were 6 benefits that were given to people going home with Achilles and Corsa, which were (1) Free travel to home, (2) Departure from a safe and comfortable place in Wisma Achilles (3) Interesting goody-bag (4) Each given cash for Rp. 100,000,- (5) Fun games with gifts: Corsa Jackets, Achilles Bag, and motorcycle helmet (6) Food consumption.

Next year we will be waiting for the Go Home Together Achilles and Corsa which will be full of surprises. So what are you waiting for friends? Get on board and keep on selling the high quality tires from Multistrada, proud to be an Indonesian product, because we always give the best for our best partners. [and]