Match with Nice in France First League 2018, Achilles Hold Viewing Party with Paris Saint-Germain Fan Base Monday, March 19, 2018

March 19, 2018
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Sunday, 18 March 2018, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will meet again with Nice in the First France League this year after beating Nice 3-0 in the First France League last year. It is a much awaited match by Paris Saint-Germain fans base in Indonesia. Achilles and Paris Saint-Germain held a gathering to support the France football club, which is also supported by Achilles since 2016 to the upcoming 2019 season.

This event will be held in Mc.Gettingan Bar, Mega Kuningan at 19.00 WIB by inviting Paris Saint-Germain fans based and representative of Achilles to watch the match together.

As official tire of Paris Saint-Germain, Achilles showed that becoming a sponsor is not responsible for providing material support but also non-material, such as holding this watch together gathering which hopefully can grow and create bonding between Paris Saint-Germain fans base in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

As information, Indonesia is one of the countries that has more fans of Paris Saint-Germain, as confirmed by Paris Saint-Germain. This statement is also supported with the available data in social media, such as 36.9 fans di twitter, 4.2 million in Facebook. The Facebook recorded more Paris Saint-Germain fans in Indonesia than in Paris.

In Jakarta itself, fans based of Paris Saint-Germain was established in 2015 and participated as well as enlivening the match of Achilles -Corsa vs Paris Saint-Germain in Bandung during Paris Saint-Germain vs Barca match in 2017 and this early 2018, Achilles also held similar event which apart from holding watch together gathering also fun-filled activities such as photo-booth, door prize drawing and other fun interactions.

Akhmad Nursyamsu as Head of brand Activation and Sport Activity said that, “This is the second watch together that we held to show our support to Paris Saint-Germain. We hope that with this kind of activity, the football clubs that we sponsored, such as Paris Saint-Germain for global, and several domestic clubs have better understanding that we are a brand that also pay attention to non-material values such as this kind of support, which hopefully will increase fans loyalty towards Paris Saint-Germain. We would like also to introduce and engage our fans base to know and use Achilles and Corsa products in their motoring activities”.