Free Homecoming With ACHILLES CORSA

July 25, 2014
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In celebrating the holiday of Idul Fitri 1435H, PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk is back to host an event of Homecoming together with all distributors and store owners in Jadebotabek which took place at Wisma Achilles on July 25th, 2014. There were 650 people that participated and received free bus transportation with the total of 12 buses to different cities on the island of Java which will be divided into 3 trip lines:


Through the North Line – Java, including: (Jakarta) Wisma Achilles – Karawang – Indramayu – Cirebon – Brebes – Tegal – Pemalang – Pekalongan – Semarang – Kudus – Tuban – SURABAYA
Through the Middle Line – Java, including: (Jakarta) Wisma Achilles – Cikampek – Bandung – Garut – Tasik – Kota Banjar – (wangon) – Purwokerto – Banjar Negara – Wonosobo – Temanggung – Salatiga – Boyolali – SOLO
Through South Line – Java, including: (Jakarta) Wisma Achilles – Cikampek -Bandung – Garut – Tasik – Kota Banjar – (wangon) – Kebumen – Purworejo – Jogyakarta – Klaten – SOLO


This homecoming activity with free buses are done by PT. MASA, Tbk as a form of concern and share a sense of togetherness to its business partners, in welcoming Idul Fitri holidays.


“The objective of the Free Homecoming with Achilles and Corsa event are firstly, we want to strengthen the working relationship with the store party, because we think of the store as our mainstay in selling Achilles and Corsa tires and the role of the store employees is essential for us in order to be able to inform about our products, which are: Achilles and Corsa to the consumers, then we also want to help and facilitate them to get back home so that they don’t have to jostle on the bus, queue to get a ticket and so on, therefore 3 weeks before this departure we have to verify the registration. Our team is also pro-actively contact the store to ensure the store employees who will be participate in this homecoming program. There are two destinations for the buses, which are to Surabaya through the north line and Solo through the middle and south line. In total, there are 12 buses that we have prepared to dispatch the store employees for going home to their hometown.” explained Katharine Wianna, Marketing Manager of Achilles Corsa.


There are 5 benefits that will be given to participants, which are (1) Free travel to home, (2) Departure from a safe and comfortable place in Wisma Achilles (3) Interesting goody-bag (4) Fun games with attractive gifts (5) Food consumptions. [and]