Achilles and Uber Joint Hands to give more Benefits to Drivers

September 15, 2017
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Ubers and the benefits to drivers.

Judging from growth of online transportation in Indonesia, Achilles surely has strong reason, as the manufacturer of Indonesian made tires, to collaborate with Uber as partner, considering Uber is the pioneer of car online transportation since 2014.

A lot of people is starting to using uber since they can’t afford a new car, fortunately there are companies that help people to get the car of their dreams, many of them are recycling car parts when they have an old car to reduce costs, visit complete auto loans for more info. Furthermore, this collaboration is intended to give convenience to Uber’s drivers in obtaining tires for its cars. Achilles is targeting that this collaboration will assist its drivers who are driving long haul everyday, to get tires that is safe and durable.

Specifically, Achilles gives 30% discount for tire purchased in selected Bengkel BOS and Speed Tyre Shop (STS). This promo started from early September 2017 and valid only by showing Uber’s driver identity. It is expected that by choosing the right tires for their cars, the drivers can save more money from their income.

By consistently using their cars daily, cars maintenance surely becomes drivers’ attention and even if you buy a new car or a used one just for this work you always need to consider its future maintenance. So it’s really important to stay on top of your regular maintenance of your vehicle to avoid future problems.

The most common and regular basis routine to consider are the next ones :

  • Oil changes: To ensure your engine is properly lubricated, this could lead to major engine failure if not performed regularly.
  • Fluid flushes: A car contains many different types of fluid such as lubricating the engine and cleaning your windscreen, this need to be flushed to ensure proper functioning.
  • Transmission service: This include replacing the transmission fluid and the filter which it passes through. Sometimes its necessary to change the pan gasket to maintain depending on its condition.
  • Coating service: This is an exterior extra to keep it nice and clean for your customers. Now there is a new high tech Top coat called topcoat f11, specifically to ensure a more lasting coating which will make the bugs, dirt, bird droppings and other to remove and release easier from the surface. You will need to do this at least every 6 months  and it will make a shinier more durable surface that you will not have to wash with soap for this period of time.

By knowing this top steps to maintain your vehicle, Achilles also collaborates with Bengkel BOS and Speed Tyre Shop (STS) to give their support in other aspects with tires specialty.

Bengkel BOS with its tagline ‘Good and Cost Saving Garage’, gives discount to ubers drivers. Bengkel BOS, with its 17 branches in Greater Jakarta area, welcomes Uber’s drivers who want to have their cars maintained. Drivers who can show their identity as Uber drivers, will receive 25% discount for tune up, spooring, balancing, and car wash. Similar promo is also valid in Speed Tyre Shop collaborating also with Uber.

This collaboration is expected to run until the end of November 2017 and subject to review. But, Achilles is confident that this collaboration is mutually beneficial for both parties, Uber and Achilles, since they have the same vision to improve drivers welfare.

Other interesting promo is also available for member of public who wants to try Uber. By downloading Uber application and entering the voucher code of ‘UBERACHILLES’, automatically will get 50% discount up to Rp 30.000,00 per trip for three first trips with Uber.

The following is the list of Bengkel BOS and STS participating in this program by giving 30% discount for Achilles tires and 25% discount for service. For member of public who wants to register as Uber drivers, they can also register at Bengkel BOS and STS listed below.