Achilles Racers take turns in Winning Series I ISSOM 2017 First Edition

March 27, 2017
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Raining has poured down on Sentul International Circuit from midday onwards on Sunday (26/03), but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of racers in Series I of Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) 2017. Under the falling rains, all racers raced through to score the fastest record time, not to mention racers in one of prestigious category, European Touring Car Championship (ETCC). Just like previous years, ETCC is divided into two class, Euro 2000 and Euro 3000, this classification is based on engine capacity of the racers.

Initially scheduled to start at 09.00 WIB, Euro 2000 was postponed until 13.25 WIB, while Euro 3000 was scheduled to start at 14.45 WIB. Euro 2000 and Euro 3000 were each followed by 19 racers, who won the qualification round on Saturday (25/03).

Using Achilles ATR-K Sport and 123S tires to race on the wet Sentul Circuit, the racers confidently drove in high speed. After racing through for 12 laps of 47.58 Km, Aldio Okoen from Pertamax Motorsport Team won the Euro 2000. Using BMW E36, he scored total record time of 25 minutes 51 seconds. Aldio also recorded the fastest lap of 1 minute 52 seconds on the eighth lap. With the lapse of time of 5.8 seconds, the runner up won by Radityo Mahendra Hutomo from Jakarta Ban Motorsport team. Third place won by Beny Santoso from Sigma Speed team.

The race in the Euro 3000 was also exciting. Overtaking each other, both in straight or bend often occurred. After tense 12 laps, M. Fadil from Jakarta Ban Motorsport team won Euro 3000. Driving BMW E36-M3, he recorded total time of 21 minutes 37 seconds. Fastest lap Euro 3000 was also won by Fadil, with total record time of 1 minute 44 seconds on the 9th laps. Runner up was won by Benny Santoso from Sigma Speed team with time difference of 22.7 seconds. Rudy SL from Jakarta Ban Motorsport team won the third place.

The following is the complete result of ETCC Euro 2000 and Euro 300 on Series I ISSOM 2017:

Congratulation to all winners of Series I ISSOM 2017 See you in Series II of ISSOM 2017 in April. Hope all experiences yesterday can equip the racers to race better in the next series. All event of ISSOM 2017 will be updated in Instagram @Achilles_Radial!