Achilles Held The Third United Training: 60 Chosen Kids Will Be Trained by Manchester United Academy Coaches in Bali

April 8, 2016
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Jakarta – PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk. (BEI Issuer Code: “MASA”) as the producer of local made tires Achilles (passenger car tires) and Corsa (motorcycle tires) has once again held the third Achilles-Corsa United Training in 2016. This CSR program is a way of Achilles-Corsa to forge the concern to develop young and potential Indonesian children who are living under the average economic status specifically in the football domain.

“One of Achilles’s and Corsa’s aim in being consistent in the football program is to bring hope to Indonesian children to reach their dreams and future starting from the sportmanship of football,” said President Director, Pieter Tanuri in Jakarta.

Pieter Tanuri also added, “The United Training Program is a collaboration between Multistrada as the producer fo Achilles and Corsa along with world class football club, Manchester United and Kick Andy Foundation which is now entering its third year.”

Dari kanan: Indra Sjafri (Coach Bali United); Pieter Tanuri (Presiden Direktur Multistrada); Andy F. Noya (Kick Andy); Yabes (Pemain Bali United)
From the right: Indra Sjafri (Bali United Coach); Pieter Tanuri (President Director of Multistrada); Andy F. Noya (Kick Andy); Yabes (Bali United Player)

In 2016, United Training introduced a new format by picking 60 new and young talented footballers, compared to years before which was only picked 30 young footballers. These 60 footballers will get the chance to have a world-class football training with Manchester United coaches at United Training training camp in Bali from 11th to 18th May 2016.

The coaching staff that will train in United Training 2016 consisted of three Manchester United Foundation coaches from United Kingdom: Dave Chapman (Head Coach); Chris Dearden; Luke Morgan. Whereas for the national coach who will train these young talents is the former head coach of the U-19 national team and head coach of Bali United, Indra Sjafri.

The year before, Manchester United Academy coaches only selected and trained 5 – 6 young Indonesian talents who passed the national seelction in Manchester United Soccer Academy in United Kingdom.

“Now they will give direct training to 60 kids who have football talents in Indonesia so that there will be more young talents who can reach their dreams and feel the one-time life experience to be trained by the coaches from the world renowned club, Manchester United,” stated Pieter Tanuri.

These 60 kids came from Java, Balim, Sumatera, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan and Papua are the ones who have passed the national selection in cooperation with Kick Andy Foundation through “Gerakan Sejuta Bola” or One Million Ball Movement in the first and second event of United Training. This program aims young candidates from the low economic class in age range from 8 to 16 years old to be recruited in the United Training in Bali.

“Therefore, those who have failed in the first and second period still have the chance to be trained by Manchester United coaches in Bali. United Training’s selection is not only about their football skills, but also their positive mental attributes (soft skills) to make sure that they’re well improved by positive character to play better and never surrender,” said Andy Noya, Head of Kick Andy Foundation.


In the first year, this CSR program has reached more than 400 Football School in almost every region in Indonesia whereas in 2015, the program has reached almost 600 Football School in the country.

At the end of training, United Training will choose the best 10 footballers and grant them saving scholarships and a trophy from Achilles-Corsa and Kick Andy Foundation.

As the primary product of Multistrada, Achilles Corsa is trying to approach the communities which has always been the main target, such as sponsorship in certain automotive events (King of Drift, Touring Race, One Make Race) and youngsters who have high admiration for football.

“We don’t only see it as a business. We would also like to give contribution as the development of children’s achievements in certain aspects such as football and automotive. This is a small contribution and we’re proud if Indonesian childrens succeed in achieving proudly in the international class in the days ahead,” said Pieter Tanuri.

United Training is also a media to cultivate life’s positive values, as well as giving childrens the opportunities to see the outside world and build their dreams.

“This program is ann example to all young generations to keep on trying and pray to reach their goals. With Achilles Corsa, We Make Dreams Come True,” stated Pieter Tanuri, President Director of Multistrada in today’s conference.