ACHILLES CORSA Making Dreams Comes True For 5 Young Footballers

August 27, 2014
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PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk with Kick Andy Foundation are proving their commitment to Indonesia’s Football by making young footballers dreams come true. Six young players were chosen to go to Old Trafford, Manchester, England for Football Camp from 15 to 25 August 2014. They are: Richard Ferdinant from Tangerang, Jani Robert Yawan Bedes from Merauke, Asep Setiawan from Bandung, Appringga Putra Kafabi from Mojokerto, Bastian from Hambau, East Kalimantan , and Jeksen Marlif Yohanes Najoan from Manado.

The six young football players were chosen through the Gerakan Sejuta Bola (GSB – A million soccer balls) program. The GSB Program scours young players throughout Indonesia, selecting only the most smart and talented children. First, they received training in football skills, as well as ethics, principles and national values from Pelita Harapan University, Karawaci in January 2014. Then in August they were given the chance to attend Manchester United Soccer School (MUSS) for a week. Unfortunately Robert from Merauke were unable to go this year due to administrative delay.

As part of the Gerakan Sejuta Bola Program, in MUSS, the young players received professional football training, learn about how the international football clubs compete, and were able to watch the Manchester United opening games for the 2014-2015 Season in the Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford, Manchester. In their weeklong program they also have a chance to see the city of Manchester and to tour London before they have to return to Indonesia. It is hoped that through the GSP Program, talented young Indonesian players with international quality will emerge.
Bastian from Hambau, East Kalimantan says, “We are all very excited to enrolled in Soccer School and getting new training gears and equipment. I am very happy to train in Soccer School, meet many new friends, train with them and have new coaches.”

“I am very happy to be able to fly on the plane to Manchester with my friends and I am very happy to represent Indonesia. I was afraid to fly because Manchester is very far, but I am glad to be there and go to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United play against Swansea City. It is great to see Rooney and friends play,” says Jeksen Marlif Yohanes Najoan from Manado.

Asep Setiawan from Bandung expressed similar sentiment, “Very happy to be able to represent Indonesia and go to Manchester. I am also happy to go with my friends.”
“During training, my friends and I were put into different groups. I am excited to train with kids from all over the world and with Manchester United coach. Although, during registration I was afraid because I don’t understand any English. Luckily I was with my friends Asep and Richard who knows English,” comments Appringga Putra Kafabi from Mojokerto happily.

Not to be outdone, Richard Ferdinant from Tangerang would also express his gratitude. According to Richard, it was a huge honour to be selected to go to Manchester. “I feel very happy because this is the first time I go abroad and to train with Manchester United. It was a long journey, 12 hours! But finally I am able to watch Manchester United play. I am very thankful to God for giving me such huge opportunity. Even though they lost the match, the supporters were very enthusiastic, disciplined, and did not resort to doing criminal things. We all took a welfie there,” he said enthusiastically.

Pieter Tanuri , CEO of PT MASA said, “Let’s hope these youngsters can be an example to other young people to keep working and pray hard to achieve their dreams. Together with Achilles Corsa, We Make Dreams Come True!”
“We are very thankful to everyone for their support for the GSB Program in Indonesia. We hope to continue this productive partnership to keep making our children’s dreams comes true,” stated Andy F. Noya, Founder of Kick Andy Foundation.

Gerakan Sejuta Bola Untuk Anak Indonesia (A million soccer balls for children) program is not solely for scouting talented young player. Through football, the aim is to educate and instill positive life values to young people, to inspire them to dream big for a better future, eventually becoming a productive, valuable member of society and for their communities. Let’s make Gerakan Sejuta Bola a success for the future of Indonesia football! Gerakan Sejuta Bola, Sejuta Mimpi Untuk Anak Indonesia (A million balls, a million dreams for Indonesian Youth)