The Festive of Indonesia’s Independence Day with Corsa

August 17, 2016
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The cheers of joy are everywhere in celebrating the 71st Independence Day of Republic of Indonesia. Even though Indonesia is free from colonialism, this momentum reminds us of how tough our heroes were to drive the colonialist away from our homeland.

Corsa as the authentic Indonesian product also celebrates the anniversary of The Republic of Indonesia. Started from last week with Bebek Bangors Jakarta Honda Association has done a Joint Touring and social services in Puncak, Bogor. On the same day, Corsa also supported Jakarta Honda Tiger Club 1996 Independence Touring Road to Dieng. The touring was supported by R99 and R26. The two tires have proven its performance in going through Dieng and the steep road of Puncak. Today, there is also a Corsa Platinum Experience event in Pekanbaru to strengthen the unity of motorcycle communities in Pekanbaru. On August 21st 2016, Corsa will support Bali Stunt Motor Festival which will be held to enliven the Independence Day of Indonesian Republic.

Apart from the events stated above, Corsa will also make an Instagram quiz to enliven the August 17th event along with the followers. The quiz will be held from today until August 31st 2016. It’s easy for participants to join this quiz. First, participants must follow the @corsamc Instagram account. Then, you have to upload a photo of your motorcycle and a red-white flag with the hashtag #BangRocas17an. Don’t forget to tag 3 of your friends and invite them to participate in this competition. 17 prizes will be prepared for the lucky participants.

May the spirit of Independence’s Day will grow further and make us all love Indonesia more. Corsa as the national tire product will surely be the forefront to support Indonesia. Long live Republic of Indonesia!