August 2, 2016
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Last weekend, Cikeas was heavily crowded. On that day, National Drifting Championship which took place in Multifuncional Field of Polri Cikeas. Kejurnas which was held for two days on July 30th and 31st 2016 has given out several drifters supported by Achilles that turned out to be winners.

This National Drifting Championship is a drifting race event that teamed up with Scuderia Car Parts in Indonesia and has a purpose to develop automotive products and also serves the branding activities. Achilles is always updated to support the motorsport activities in Indonesia. In this opportunity, Achilles trusted the winner’s victory upon the use of 123S tires. Below are the drifters supported by Achilles that participated in the National Drifitng Championship.

Team Drifter
Achilles Radial Ikhsan Utama
Intersport Drift Team Amandio
Art Shine Achilles Rengga Mahendra
BSI Achilles Dipo Dwiki
HTJRT Achilles Chandra
HTJRT  Achilles M Irdam
HTJRT  Achilles Reindy Riupassa
HTJRT  Achilles Zharfan

In this National Drifting Championship, Zharfan has succeeded in taking the 1st position. Then followed by Ikhsan Utama in 4th position and Amandio reached the Top Qualifier title.

M. Zein Saleh as the Marketing Manager of PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk stated his support for the drifting championship. “Achilles has always been in high spirits to support the drifters in an event like this. Especially when the drifters supported by Achilles brought back victory home. This is proven by Zharfan, Ikhsan Utama, and Amandio. We are proud and we congratulate our friends who have triumphed in taking the podium”, added M. Zein Saleh.

Zharfan (Zharfan Rahmadi) is a drifter joined in the HTJRT Achilles Team. Zharfan is a drifter who is listed in the ROOKIE class (one class below PRO). However, in the first series of National Drifting Championship, Zharfan has succeeded in defeating a drifter from Intersport Troupe, Danny Ferdito (PRO Class) in the finals.

Ikhsan Utama is the drifter joined in Achilles Radial team. Ikhsan is a drifter listed in the PRO class (Top Class). But Ikhsan failed to continue into the finals after being defeated by Zharfan in the Semi Final. Overall, Ikhsan received the 4th position.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Amandio the drifter joined in the Intersport Troupe Team. The new teams have only enlisted PRO Drifters. Sadly in this National Drifting Championship, Amandio had to let go victory after being defeated by Ikhsan Utama due to engine problems.