Amandio Won The King Of Nations Drift Championship 2016 in Japan

July 13, 2016
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After a hard struggle in the King of Nations Drift Championship 2016, finally the Indonesian renowned drifter Amandio has successfully won the championship. In two championships in King of Nations Drift Championship which is held in Japan, Amandio succeeded in seizing the first and third place.

King of Nations is divided into several regional competitions such as King of Europe, King of Asia, King of Desert ann King of Sud America. In King of Nations Drift Championship 2016 which was held in Ebisu Circuit on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2016, Amandio brilliantly took the first place. Ebisu Circuit is the ideal circuit for world drifters due to the tracks’ characteristics that requires formidable skills from the professional drifters.

After Ebisu Circuit, the next championship was held in Nikko Circuit in the 9th and 10th of July 2016. In this championship, Amandio has seized third place after competing in a rainy and difficult terrain.

Achilles Radial has supported Amandio who have joined in Achilles Radial Team to compete in the International competition event. Achilles Radial is sure that this event can bring Indonesia’s good name in the International drift world. Achilles Radial 123S has always been Amandio’s favored tire in every championship.

M. Zein Saleh as the Marketing Manager of PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk, expressed his excitement to Amandio’s success in wining several drift championship. “So, it is proven that when Amandio said ‘All is ready to kiss some doors’, he was not kidding. Amandio has proven himself as a winner in the King of Nations Championship in Japan. It is undoubtedly very promising after all the effort we have given to support Amandio. Congratulations once again, Amandio. Don’t be easily satisfied with today’s achievements. Another championship awaits. Good luck, Dio!”, added M. Zein Saleh.

During the year of 2015, Amandio had scored several outstanding achievements. Below are Amandios’ several achievements in the drift world.

Name Team Event Location Achievement Year
Amandio Achilles Radial Asian Drifting GP Jakarta 3rd 2015
Amandio Achilles Radial Drift War 2015 Jakarta Champion 2015
Amandio Achilles Radial Achilles Motorsport Festival Rd. 1 Jogjakarta Champion 2015
Amandio Redbull Red Bull Drift Gymkhana Battle Zhuhai, China 2nd 2016
Amandio Achilles Radial King of Nations 3rd Round Ebisu, Japan Champion 2016
Amandio Achilles Radial King of Nations 4th Round Nikko, Japan 3rd 2016