Achilles Sends Amandio to King of Nations Drfit Championship 2016 in Japan

June 30, 2016
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After the success of the first and second series, now it’s time for Achilles to support again the talented Indonesian drifter to compete in the King of Nations Drift Championship which will be held in Japan.

King of Nations is the International drifting event which started since 2006 in European countries. Now this champion has reached four continents, including Asia. This International drifting event has been held  in Melaka – Malaysia (March 26 – 27 2016), in Pathumthani – Thailand (April 2 – 3 2016). The next ongoing series will be held in Ebisu – Japan (July 2 – 3 2016), and Nikko – Japan (July 9 – 10 2016).

Indonesia’s favored drifter, Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio (Achille Radial Drift Team) and also a drifter from Brazil JJ will participate the series that will be held in Japan. Amandio who is joined in Achilles Radial team is one of the Indonesian drifter who have made many achievements in various countries in the world of drifting. In this event, Amandio will be in the 8th position (KOA – Pro Series) and 9th position (KON – Pro Series).


Amandio has prepared his finest car to bring him up to the podium and that is Toyota Mark2 JZX100 / 1000WHP. Achilles 123S tires will be the winning pedestal of Achilles Radial Team. Amandio with high spirits brings up the jargon “ALL IS READY TO KISS SOME DOORS!!!!! – Achilles is the tire of champions!” dan targeted the world’s big five ranking in the KON Pro event.

M. Zein Saleh, as the Marketing Manager of PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk stated that Achilles is aiming to support the Indonesia drifter (Amandio – Achilles Radial Team) to make bigger acghievements in other countries. “Amandio’s victory in Kng of Asia championship in last February convinced us to be optimistic for the series held in Japan. We believe that Achilles Radial Team will give the best”, added M. Zein Saleh.

During 2015, Amandio has carved several amazing achievements and there are Drift War Championship 2015, Runner Up RedBull Drift Gymkhana Battle in China, 2nd Runner Up Asian Drifting Grand Prix (ADGP) 2015, Winner of Achilles Mogo Mogu Motorsport Festival (AMF) 2nd series and Winner of Pan Delta Super Racing Festival 2016 which was held in China recently.

Besides Amandio, these are the names of the drifters who will compete in King of Nations Drift Champions 2016 in Japan.

King of Championship di Jepang