Corsa Goes to Gothia Cup 2016

June 19, 2016
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During the breakfasting event and watching the match together with media partners on Sunday June 19 2016, Corsa proudly announced 17 young Indonesians that will carry our country’s name into Gothia Cup 2016.


Gothia Cup is World Junior Championship Open which will compete 8 different classes (U-11 to U-18). This Championship was first held since 1975 and was held in Gothenburg city in Sweden. The name ‘Gothia’ itself was named after the oldest city in Gothenburg. Gothia Cup is reincarnated as the most popular youth Championship in the world due to the increase of its participant. Gothia Cup is held every summer in Europe exactly in July.


In 2016, there are 1659 teams from 81 countries that will participate in Gothia Cup. It is recorded that some international and famous football players were born from Gothia Cup such as Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Xabi Alonso (Spain), Alan Shearer (England), Julio Baptista, Ze Roberto (Brazil), Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo), and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden).



“Corsa is consistent in supporting the world of football. We believe that these 17 youngsters will be the potential breeds that will surpass the long selection process. Gothia Cup is the right event to prove the toughness of these youngsters. From now, they are encouraged to have confidence as courageous and resilient Indonesians in the face of the world. Good luck in the U-13 League, may Gothia Cup be an incredible stone and the stepping stone in your football career,” said M. Zein Saleh as the Senior Marketing Manager of PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk.


17 young Indonesians competing in Gothia Cup will be joining in U-13 League. The process of selection started in the best Football Schools in Jabodetabek area and Bandung. In the first selection process, there were 40 selected kids from 513 kids who appeared in U-13 League. The selection process was done by national coach Danurwindo.


The second selections have processed 26 players, then 17 best players were taken as the main team after the third selection. From the selection process until the formation of the main team went on for two months and it was held in Rindam Jaya Field in Condet.



These 17 selected kids are Muhammad Wisnu, Dimas Maulana, Muhammad Uchida Sudirman, Surya Dharma Putra, Nestor Agung Pambudi, Ghatfan Hisyam Jauhari, Nadhif Girasta Kosasih, Erza Brista Bathara Siahaan, Rendy Juliansyah, Syukran Arabia Samual, Jovanni Renaldi, Aji Fajri, Tedy Supriyadi, Muhammad Pandu Mahardika, Rizky Althaf Indie, Roni Cahwala, dan Andre Oktaviansyah.


After participating in Gothia Cup 2016, the players are hoping to have a chance for a bigger opportunity to play in the higher level of football. The footsteps of the U-13 League alumnus who are now in the young Indonesian National team inspired them to compete the best they can in Gothia Cup 2016.


Gothia Cup has been the dream of young players in the world. Not just because this event has gave birth to top players, but Gothia Cup also offered the International experience for early football player careers in the International level. In Gothia Cup, the talent advisers are watching very closely and are having some approaches to these potential players that will be recruited to a club and professional academy.