Achilles Radial Breaks Into U.S. Market Directly

February 12, 2016
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(ATR Sport 2, high performance Achilles Radial tires)

Jakarta, – National Tire Manufacturer PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk, which now present in more than 93 countries under the trademark Achilles Radial, decided to try out the market of United States directly, without the use of third-hand or Direct Selling. This decision was made by Achilles Radial’s Headquarter, which is located in Indonesia, to boost sales in its export markets.

Achilles Radial has entered in the United States market since few years back, but the sales are still done by a third party or distributor. Uncle Sam’s country has always been one of the largest exports target for Achilles Radial alone.

Although the growth of Achilles Radial sales performance is increasing every year, the American market itself is still considered lucrative and has a lot of potential that can be explored. “The Characteristics of US consumer is very concerned with the quality and Value for Money, therefore we decided to do direct selling, where it will be easier for us to compete with competitors and do the marketing that is more suitable for our products.” Said Cindyanto K. Tjong as the General Manager of Sales of Achilles Radial.


(Daigo Saito, Achilles Drifter from Japan)

Achilles Radial presence in the United States cannot be separated from its role in the world of motorsport. One of their Drift Team is Achilles Drift Team. Achilles has supported many International class drifters, including Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, Dean Kearney and many more.

When asked about his opinion on which products Achilles wants to be focused for the US market, Cindyanto replied, “We’re still focusing in our current products, because their performance is suitable for those markets. However, it is possible that we will present some new product lines in the future.”