Achilles Radial The Slalom Champions Tire

18 Februari 2009

What’s promised is delivered! Achilles Radial ‘The Champion’s Tire’ deliver the ultimate performance to the participants of Djarum Black Night Slalom 2009 series I Bogor. From the many classes held, Achilles tires is a given formula of a champion’s, in any class they participate. The 2009 series is a very tight competition, seen from the many teams participated this year. Achilles Top 1 Slalom Team, HRVRT Team, BRM Team to name a few.


The Bogor series is the grand opening of the 2009 series. Held in Orchard Walk Bogor Nirwana Residence, the enthusiasm of the participants is clearly shown here, where they are eager to make the best of their performance in this series. And as always, enthusiasm spreads from person to person, from the participants to the spectators as they flocks to the tribune to watch their favorite slalomers or team perform.

Achilles as one of the sponsor of the 2009 series held a special class, the Achilles Class. Can be participated by any participants as long as they use Achilles Radial Tires. The anxiety from participants to participate in this class is shown by the number of participants, as many as 98 slalomers participate in this class. The winner of Achilles Class in Bogor series is M. Hermawan from HRVRT team.

As for the other class in the Bogor Series, the winners are Rihan Variza from HRVRT team in the beginners class, Ronald Nirwan from BRM team in Yaris Beginers Class, Dika CH from HRVRT team in Yaris Seeded Class, M. Hermawan from HRVRT team in A1 & Seeded B Class, and the most prestigius class, the general class, the winner is Adrianza Yunial from Achilles Top 1 Slalom Team.

Don’t forget to pay close attention for Achilles tires in the Solo Series in 28 February 2009 in Stadion Manahan.


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